Saturday, August 11, 2012


G. Bernard Ray, author of The Final Shortcut

G. Bernard Ray is, like me, an avid traveler and has spent time living in both Mexico and the Caribbean (places where I do mission work for orphaned children).  We also share an interest in writing horror fiction.  His novel, The Final Shortcut tells of a federal agent who stumbles upon evidence leading to a psychotic serial killer in Kentucky's Bluegrass Mountains.  He doesn't shy away from the gruesome when it adds to the story and shares my enjoyment of horror told in a cinematic style.  Ray good bet if you are looking for a thriller.

Juanima Hiatt, author of The Invisible Storm

In the realm of non-fiction, Juanima Hiatt courageously reveals the pain of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in her powerful memoir The Invisible Storm.  A victim of multiple rapes and abuse as a child, Hiatt breaks her silence in hopes that this work will help others discover freedom beyond their pain.  I am sharing her book with the staff at my orphanage in Mexico where we see versions of this story all too often.

Brenda Sorrels, author of The Bachelor Farmers

Set in Northern Minnesota in the winter of 1919, The Bachelor Farmers tells a story of two Norwegian brothers who learn the meaning of love after one of them hires an Ojibwa woman to help them and falls in love.  Brenda captures the reality of a Minnesota blizzard (I've experienced many as a native Minnesotan) and she artfully explores the world of immigrants and the complexity of relationships, themes that are important to me.

Deanna Lynn Sletten author of Sara's Promise (and more)

Deanna lives near my old home in Northern Minnesota and is an author who writes "women's fiction"(but I suspect a fair number of men will enjoy her work, as well). Deanna's books include, "Widow, Virgin, Whore", "Memories", and "Outlaw Heroes", a fiction adventure novel for kids ages 10 & up. Deanna's next novel, "Sara's Promise", will be available in December 2012.

Kenneth Weene author of Tales From the Dew Drop Inn (and more)

My fellow Arizonan, Ken Weene, wrote Tales From the Dew Drop Inn with a dark humor and irreverent style that is right up my alley.  His talents as a playwright, poet and novelist are increasingly celebrated here in the Grand Canyon State and do to his proximity to me; this is one author I may actually get to meet someday.


  1. Thanks, T.R.! I think it would be fun to meet you too. Have spent a lot of time in Duluth - also on the North Shore - love it there! Looking forward to hosting your interview on my blog. :-)

  2. Thanks for the follow T.R.

    There are so many authors I'd like to meet, but not many who are close enough.